Welcome home

This evening we welcomed back Hena to our Jaffa house after she finished her course of antibiotics at Sheba hospital yesterday. It seems that the end of this long stay is in sight for her and her uncle, with her post-operative echo coming up in one week. Please be praying for this date, that Hena will be well and that nothing will keep her from returning to Kurdistan next week.

When the doctors said that she had a fever and she could need up to a month and a half of IV antibiotics, we all were praying that wouldn’t be the case, so really thank God her recovery has been fairly straightforward, thus far.

Also thank God for her doctors who refuse to give Hena anything less than the best; they are an amazing team and we pray for and bless them for the work of their hands.

Also keep Hena’s family in your prayers. They probably didn’t foresee her treatment requiring six months, two surgeries and multiple caths, but as I looked at her discharge today and her multiple heart defects written out there. I found it miraculous that she is alive, that humans have the knowledge of how to sustain a life that is so dangerously complex, and that a small baby from Kurdistan found her way into such wonderfully capable hands.