Welcome home to Jaffa

Today, Mohammed and his father were discharged to our community home in Jaffa. They have been in Sheba hospital since arriving in early August.

When I told Mohammed’s father that they were discharged to Jaffa, he couldn’t believe it at first. I told him that I don’t know yet at what time we will go, and he said it was no problem as long as Mohammed was good and as long as he is really going to leave the hospital today.

I reassured him and he was very happy to hear that. We are happy that they are staying with us now and hope to have a good time with them in Jaffa. In the time, when Mohammed was hospitalized, he needed a lot of treatment for his heart and also for his stomach, so please pray for him as he has to settle in now to his life outside the hospital.

Mohammed needs to go back to the hospital for follow-up appointments soon.