Welcome Lava to Israel

Thank God for providing everything according to His great plan for Lava. She has a diagnosis of d-TGA, and traveled here from Kurdistan to Israel with her mother. They were given their entry permission visas for Israel today, and entered through the Jordanian border.

Sabrina and I were quite late in arriving to collect them. Thank God that a friend of Jonathan lives very close by, and his family is Kurdish! He collected the three families to save them from waiting for us alone. We met at his beautiful house.

Lava’s mother told us that Lava hasn’t been eating or sleeping well during the travel from Kurdistan. She was crying and her oxygen levels were quite low. She will travel to Sheba hospital first thing in the morning for an echo, and to see the doctor. The doctor felt that a good rest at our community home would help her to feel better before facing what tomorrow brings.

Our other quarantining families at the Jaffa house welcomed these three new families with a huge feast of Kurdish food, which I hope is the beginning of a peaceful home with good relationships.

Please pray for the very best for Lava during her time here.