Welcome little girl

Hena, just two months old, has traveled from Kurdistan to Israel with her uncle, arriving at the airport this afternoon. The journey was long, with a stopover in Dubai, but thank God Hena remained in a good condition throughout her travel.

Hena is one of triplets, and today the scales told us that she is just 2.4kg. It was good to be able to bring her straight into the expert hands of the ICU medical team of Sheba hospital. The medical team needs to carry out its assessments before being able to make a plan of what help they might be able to offer little Hena. She has a complex cardiac condition with multiple defects.Thank God that He made a way for her to enter Israel and please pray that she will find healing here. Please also pray for peace for her mother and family back at home who surely miss her dearly, and for rest for her uncle who has stepped up to take on the special responsibility of being Hena’s chaperone in this huge stage of her life.