Welcome, Little Light!

Today we welcomed sweet Hour and her grandmother to Israel for Hour’s heart repair at Sheba Medical Center. Hour is just two weeks old and already made her way to our urgent list to get help from the skilled medical team at Sheba. Hour was stable at a hospital in Gaza but her heart defect requires early intervention. Her two main arteries which bring blood to and from her heart are in the wrong places and need to be switched. Due to the complexities of the heart and blood flow, intervention must begin the first month after birth to allow the surgical repair to give Hour a normal lifespan.

We applied this morning for an urgent request to the border to allow crossing in the afternoon for Hour and her grandmother, and we soon got word they had permission to cross into Israel. After arriving to the Erez border area we learned Hour’s grandmother was actually still waiting for finalization of the permission. But God is good and saw it through; so after some time we saw smiling Grandma bustling across the parking lot with Hour swathed in layers of blankets.

This sweet baby girl is just 2.7 kilograms and quite blue with her oxygen saturation reading around 80% as we arrived to the ICU at Sheba where Hour was immediately checked in by the staff.

Grandma and Hour will have quite a journey in front of them as they learn their way around Sheba, Israeli culture, and go down the path of Hour’s healing. We are so excited to see the Lord’s hand over this family and how He will heal miss Hour! We learned tonight at dinner that the meaning of Hour’s name is relating to light from above.

How interesting to consider and begin praying about how God will use this girl’s future to be a shining light for Him. We also ask for prayers that both baby and her grandmother will have good rest tonight and we will soon hear more about the surgical plan and timing.