Welcome little Mohammed

Little Mohammed from the Gaza Strip arrived safely at Sheba Medical Center’s Pediatric ICU yes-terday. When I went into the ICU today to introduce myself to his mother, she was sitting in her room and looked very upset. I said a quiet “Hello” to let her know that I’m there. She came out of her room. I introduced myself as Sabrina from Shevet Achim and used Google Translate to tell her that Shevet is the organization that brought Mohammed to the hospital in order to help them. Thank God she understood me, even though Google Translate isn’t always the best option to communicate with people of a different language.

When I asked her how she and Mohammed were doing, she only said “tired” and then burst into tears. Because of that response, I gave her a comforting hug. She told me that she was very worried about her dear little son.

The doctors did a CT scan on Mohammed today, and decided that they would like him to have an ‘Arterial Reflection’ surgery sometime this week.

Please pray for this lovely and worried mother, that she will find peace and trust in the holy Lord, and that her little son, who is in God’s hands, will find healing.