Welcome Meera, to Israel

I received a photo of the beautiful Yazidi girl, Meera, last night from Jonathan, who had met her and her father with the other Kurdish families in Jordan. They have traveled from Kurdistan, and today reached Israel via the Beit She’an crossing connecting to Jordan.

The staff there were extremely helpful, and as we waited, they notified us that six Kurdish families had arrived. The staff member asked if we wanted to come into the Arrivals department to help bring them out, as he added, “because one of the babies is really quite purple.”

Co-worker Sabrina and I followed him through the “No Entry, Staff Only” door where he pointed out the group of families trying to get their visas to enter Israel. And he was right.

At first glance, Meera is startlingly purple; her fingers are clubbed and her feet look almost black due to her low oxygen saturation. I asked the father, who told me that she has always been like this. As we tried to check her oxygen saturation, she screamed and cried causing her face to turn a deeper, darker shade of purple. It still feels so unsettling to me to see children such as little Meera in this condition.

She is one and a half years old, and has a diagnosis of AV canal with  Dextro-Transposition of the Great Arteries. Hopefully this journey to Israel will result in a successful operation for Meera, and we can look forward with hope and prayer for the time when she will be returning to her mother in Kurdistan, healthy and well.