Welcome Mir

Ten month old Mir and his mother flew from Sulaimaniya, Iraq and arrived in Amman, Jordan early this morning. They were tired and travel-worn, but after a good long nap, they are awake and we are enjoying their company.

We enjoyed a lunch of a favorite Kurdish dish called Biriyani. Everyone was refreshed and happily familiar with the quisine.

Both moms are teachers in Kurdistan and their sons are the apples of their eye. Tomorrow morning they will travel across the border to meet Shevet volunteers to bring them to the community house in Ashdod, Israel.

Pray for these sweet families that they experience healing and the love of Jesus during their time in Israel.

As the photo indicates, the families made it safely to their new but temporary home.

Mir will rest up over the weekend and have his first echo at Sheba Hospital at the start of the week.