Welcome newborn Yousif

Today Yousif and his mother arrived with four other families at the Jordan river crossing after coming by plane to Jordan from Kurdistan, When I arrived at the crossing point, the families had already passed the control and also my co-workers Georgia and Alena were already there, so I quickly joined the group picture at the last second.

Then we went outside to the Shevet vans, parked at the crossing, and waiting for us. Thank God there was enough space for all the bags and all the families, so we made our way back. On our last trip from the Jordan border, there was a situation in which the Lord answered my prayer, and showed me that he knows what we need. Today the exact same thing happened, and it was such a beautiful reminder of his faithfulness for me.

I hope that his faithfulness encourages us to also be faithful to him. Would you join us in prayer for newborn Yousif? He will have his first appointment in Sheba hospital tomorrow.