Welcome Roster

Today beautiful Roster stepped into our life. This nine month old girl stole my heart the second I saw her. Right from the start a lovely smile was on her face. Even though she didn’t new me she seemed to trust me. This lovely trade is also clearly visible in her wonderful mom. After the long travel she was very exhausted but expressed her thankfulness to be here. From the start I realized that Roster and her mum are connected in a very special and beautiful way. Roster was calm and seemed to feel safe as long as her mum was with her. She even let me carry her all the way to the car, her eyes constantly resting on her mum. As we arrived at the car Roster allowed us to be put in the seat without any fear. She even gifted us with a beautiful smile and started scanning her surroundings curiously.

We are very blessed to have these two beautiful people in Shevet now.