Welcome Salwa

Salwa is a three month old child from Kurdistan who arrived yesterday with two other Kurdish children and their chaperones through the Jordan river crossing. Jonathan brought them to the Jordan river crossing yesterday morning and I had the privilege to collect them there. Our Shevet vans were parked at the crossing, and waiting for us. Thank God there was enough space for all their bags and for all the people needing transport. We made our way to our Jaffa community home where these families will have to quarantine as have the other five Kurdish children and their chaperones; they have already been with us for about two weeks now. Although there is still a language barrier, we could manage to have a few humorous moments on our trip back to the house. It was pleasant to drive with them, and I can already tell that they are lovely families. If you meet them someday, you will immediately love them. Please keep little Salwa in your prayers.  I thank the Lord for the strength he gave me yesterday when I needed it most. Everything went so well and easy. I was so thankful.