Welcome Shadi to Israel

Shadi arrived today in Israel with his mother all the way from Kurdistan. One of the mothers who arrived earlier in the week is from the same city in Kurdistan and knows them. It must be nice to know that there’s someone who has gone ahead of them and that they will be joining a familiar face.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how big the task ahead is for these parents to travel to a new country with a severely unwell newborn baby, without anyone else they know. Many of the families have never been on an aeroplane, or left Kurdistan before. They are bravely putting any fears to the side, in the hope of life-saving surgery for their baby.

Shadi was in a stable condition when we met him at the house of Jonathan’s friend, close to the Jordanian border. This helpful friend had kindly collected the families as they waited for co-worker Sabrina and I to collect them.

Shadi will have his first assessment next week.