Welcome, Sohaib!

It was a true joy to see little Sohaib from Gaza today in the hospital. He is incredibly small, so that you don’t want to touch him even just to make sure he would not break! The reason for that is that he is a preterm baby, born at 35 weeks; but so beautiful. He is now a bit over two weeks old. How sad it always is to see when a child has to start his very first days around surgeons and nurses because of a life-threatening disease. It must be also very hard on the family, since his 26 year-old, now-healthy mother had also been born with a congenital heart defect and had surgery at the age of 3 months.

Little Sohaib has, like many urgent babies, a transposition of the great arteries (TGA). Right now he can only survive because of a little hole inside his heart, through this a blood exchange can happen. This hole is very normal for unborn babies, and usually it would naturally close a few days after their birth. So now he is on medication to stop the hole from closing, until he had a successful surgery. Let’s pray for a soon scheduling of his operation!

One of the best parts of today’s hospital visit was getting to know Sohaib’s grandmother. How lovely she is! She was so welcoming to our volunteer Margerita and me; the first just happy to see anyone and being able to spend time together, she was just joyfully chattering, even though we could barely understand a word. When Margerita started praying for Sohaib, she then suddenly broke into tears, being very moved by it.

May our God protect both of them and hold his hand over Sohaib during the whole time he will be with us.