Welcome to Ezzeldin

This sleepy little baby boy named Ezzeldin, came from the Gaza Strip this past weekend together with his lovely grandmother to Sheba Hospital.

Today I had the privilege to meet his grandmother for the first time. She is really friendly and already thankful for everything being done for her grandson.

His grandmother had to see a doctor so I stayed in the hospital room for some hours with little Ezzeldin, during which he was peacefully sleeping. He cried once when he was hungry, and when I gave him his milk, he drank it and shortly after fell asleep again. I really enjoyed this calm little boy. His grandmother is lovely and was extremely thankful that I watched her beloved grandson for the time she couldn’t be with him. It is a big amount of trust that these parents and grandparents have in us and I’m thankful that they do.

Ezzeldin is diagnosed with D-TGA and CHD. He might have his surgery on Wednesday. Please pray for the precious life of this boy and for the grandmother to have peace and trust in God and the wonderful medical staff at Sheba.