Welcome to Israel

Julio and I had the pleasure of meeting Zhya and his mum at the airport this evening. Their journey seemed to have been relatively smooth, and they arrived with their bags.

Zhya has a diagnosis of AV canal, as well as Down Syndrome. We have a lovely little cohort of children with these diagnoses here at the moment. Praise God that Zhya was in a good condition when we met. He was smiley and happy and he tolerated me checking his oxygen levels etc so nicely. Of course also, he enjoyed having his photo taken; what a beautiful smile he has! It is a joy to be able to share some pictures of this special boy with you!

His mum also, was so lovely.  She brought some delicious biscuits as a gift, and was so enthusiastic about being here in Israel. As we left the airport the sun had set, and cast beautiful purple and red clouds all over the skyline.

It is a pleasure and an honour to welcome this happy family to Israel. Please pray that Zhya will find healing here for his heart, and that he and his family will be blessed with the knowledge of the God of this land.