Welcome to Israel

Drood is the youngest of the cohort of four Kurdish families whom co-worker Julio and I had the pleasure of meeting from the airport yesterday. He is just over one year old, and has two brothers and one sister at home in Kurdistan.

He is accompanied by his father, while the mother is staying at home with their other children. Little Drood is settling into his new home here nicely, happy with his father and happy playing with the other children.

Drood has a VSD; a hole in his heart, which was found when he was six days old. He has experienced symptoms related to this, like fast breathing, getting tired very easily when trying to feed, sweating a lot and blue fingers and eyelids. Drood’s dad expressed his own sense of thankfulness that Drood has grown and with that growth, he has improved with some of these symptoms and has become much stronger. The doctor in Kurdistan¬† recommended a surgery once he got older and that is why he has come to Israel.

Drood will go to the hospital here this week, and we hope for a plan for surgery soon for him.
Please pray for the best outcome for Drood.