Welcome to Israel

Inquisitive and happy Ahmad is one of four Kurdish families which co-worker Julio and I were honoured to collect from the airport yesterday.

Although they must quarantine due to Coronavirus requirements, it is a joy to see this little face peeping through our balcony fence, excitedly calling out to his new neighbours his Kurdish greeting: “Choni bashi!”

Ahmad has had an open-heart surgery previously in India, which has kept him in reasonably good health. Despite becoming tired easily accompanied with heavy breathing, Ahmad is developing well in every aspect. Just like other three year olds, he loves playing and can walk and talk very nicely.

The doctor in Kurdistan has said that Ahmad needs to have a surgery here soon, and we will go to Sheba Medical Center together tomorrow morning so that the doctors here can make their own assessments.

Please pray for Ahmad and his mum as they settle into life here in Israel.