Welcome to Israel

Co-worker Julio and I met nine year old Aya and her mother from the airport yesterday. They traveled with three other Kurdish families, on board one of the very first flights arriving in Israel from Dubai.

Aya is a very sweet girl, wanting to help out and play with the other children. She doesn’t have brothers or sisters in Kurdistan, so being here at Shevet Achim gives her an opportunity to gain two young brothers and a sister for some time!

The doctor in Kurdistan has sent her here with the recommendation that she needs a replacement of her mitral and pulmonary valves. The doctors here will make their assessments this week, to create a plan for her.

Mum told us that Aya has already had a heart surgery shortly after birth. She was born prematurely at seven months, weighing just 1.6 kg.  She has experienced symptoms related to her heart condition all her life, such as having very little energy, and needing to visit the hospital often. She has required resuscitation before as well.

Despite these difficult years, Aya is a beautiful, bright and kind girl, and it is a real pleasure to have her and her mum in our Shevet home.

Please pray for the best outcome for Aya during her time here.