Welcome to Israel

Lalo and his mum travelled to Israel, arriving last night, with four other Kurdish families. Lalo’s mum is very happy to have arrived, firstly as she is concerned for the health for her baby. Lalo is her fourth child; she has two boys and two girls, and all the others are healthy and well. Just Lalo, who is almost two months old, has been diagnosed in Kurdistan with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). His oxygen levels are very low. He looks very blue, and he needed oxygen on the flight, although he is stable now.
The other reason mum is happy to have arrived is because she likes to meet new people, and practicing her English and German. I told her that although she is an Arabic and Kurdish speaker, maybe she would also learn Hebrew in the time she is here, as she is very clever with languages. Please pray for Lalo and mum’s time in Israel, for a good surgery and for peace in their hearts.