Welcome to Israel

Saida is a 51 day-old boy with a transposed great arteries from Kurdistan, northern Iraq. He arrived this afternoon with his mother and we escorted them straight from the airport to the ICU at Sheba hospital. Very early in the morning everyone of our team was praying for them, especially for a safe and stable journey. As we picked them up at the airport, we were waiting around one hour for them. When we saw them we couldn’t stop running to them and gave them a big hug. Thank the Lord, as we reached the ICU everything was ready for him. Saida and his mom were very exhausted and so hungry. Usually due to his illness, he is not drinking properly. But God sent an Israeli Russian nurse who was very experienced and was able to feed him. So the medical staff started to perform all of the different procedures, like the blood test, a chest x-ray, an ECG and stabilizing him.

It was very beautiful to see how all of the our families who are hospitalized in the ICU and secondary ICU, warmly welcomed the new mom and how they showed her around. I also was very thankful that our translator was with her all the time. So, he was able to give all the information the staff needed and he also explained everything to the mom.

Please pray for Saida, for the best plan for him and wisdom for the medical staff. Please also pray for peace in the mom’s heart in this moment far away from home.