Welcome to Israel!

On Monday evening, our new child from Kurdistan arrived at Ben Gurion with his mother: adorable little Azhan. He is coming to Israel to treat several congenital heart diseases, including a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and a double chambered right ventrical (DRCV).

When coworker Luisa and I arrived at the airport to pick them up, we had complications with finding them and eventually brought them safely to the car. From the airport we started our long car drive to Jerusalem, for they will stay with our community there. Most of the time both of them slept and at 1 am, we finally arrived at the Jerusalem guesthouse. We just showed them their room and everything that’s necessary and gave Azhan’s mother her new SIM-Card,  then we let them get some sleep after their long trip. I was very impressed by Azhan who still was awake enough to smile and say “Bye bye.”

Both Azhan and his mother seem to be such kind and grateful people; I haven’t met that often yet. Let’s pray for them, to make themselves at home as much as possible and of course for Azhan’s treatment at Hadassah Hospital. Praise the Lord our God, for these two who are so adorable, for their trip which went really well, and for the grace He is showing them through the opportunity to treat Azhan the way he deserves.