Welcome to Israel

Two days ago, little Mam went together with his mother on a long journey to come here to us. First they flew from Kurdistan to Jordan where they were collected by Shevet Achim coworkers, including Tatiana, and were welcomed as their guests for two nights. We received pictures and videos from them and saw that they had a great time there together.

This morning they then started their second part of their journey and went through the border from Jordan to Israel where coworker Michiel and I collected them and brought them to our community house in Jerusalem. Here they are starting to feel at home now and we are excited to get to know them better. Mam is only two months and five days old and has a heart defects called TGA. It means that his two big arteries are switched and he will need a surgery as soon as possible to fix this problem. Mam’s mother is a very sweet and patient woman and I’m sure she will be a big blessing to our community!

Please pray for Mam and his mother as they are settling in here and especially for the big surgery that lays ahead for Mam!