Welcome to Israel

This morning, one-year-old Revand and his mother arrived at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv along with two other kids from Kurdistan. Because Revand’s oxygen saturation is often low, the ICU at Sheba Hospital was all ready to hospitalize him right away.

When Revand arrived, his oxygen saturation was in the upper 70s, and the cardiologist and head nurse in the cardiac clinic were wondering if maybe he didn’t need to be admitted. They decided to do an echo anyway to make a decision.

However, during the echo, Revand’s oxygen level dropped rapidly. Within minutes, it was only 50%, and he was hurried into the PICU. There, he started receiving oxygen support through a mask, and the head Cardiologist arrived to perform an echo with sedation. During this echo, another doctor spoke with Revand’s mother about his medical history and current condition.

For now, Revand is resting in the PICU while the doctors review the results of his echoes today and his CT scan brought from Kurdistan. If his oxygen saturations remain low, they may intubate him today or tomorrow. His mother is very tired from the flight, and it’s difficult for her at the hospital where no one speaks Kurdish.

Please pray for Revand and his mother in the coming days.