Welcome to Israel

Little Rafif is 10 days old, and arrived to the hospital here in an ambulance. She came from Gaza with her grandma. As I went into the ICU to look for them, I passed an incubator and felt pleased to know that this little life has reached the hands of the medical team here in Israel.

There was a lot of work going on to welcome Rafif by a fairly large team of people; they placed a cannula, did an x-ray and echo, as her grandma sat watching, seeming a little detached from the process. It must have been a really difficult week and a half for this family. She told me she was tired, and Rafif’s mother is tired, and Rafif is tired…

Later in the day, Diana and I were able to see Rafif after the medical team were finished working on her; and we prayed a lot. Rafif is so small, and she startled so easily at every sound, her body was tense and shaking and she cried often; really she seemed very distressed.

The nurse explained that Rafif has a complete AV block, and so we are seeing her heart rate at around 60bpm, which is so slow. Her oxygen saturation were also low, at around 85%. So she is not in a good condition. She is going to have a CT scan tomorrow and then maybe straight into surgery; they can use the CT scan to decide how urgently she needs to be operated on; she’s going to need a pacemaker.

Please pray for little Rafif, and her family. Please also ask for a blessing over the ICU staff as they help sustain her life as we move into the evening here.