Welcome to Israel!

20.01.2020…what a nice date to come to Israel for the first time.

Today we welcomed this 16 year, old young man Imdad. All I knew about Imdad before he arrived, was his age and that he is allergic to bananas and sunflower seeds. I was quite curious to meet him and his lovely mother. When I saw him at the airport my first impression was that there was a very nice security man  helping with the bags. But it was Imdad who was carrying a very heavy bag. This behavior already showed me a glimpse of what a beautiful soul he has and what a blessing he will be to all of us. In the same way I hope we can be a blessing to him and his mother.

On our way back home I thought about how much courage it took for them to come to a foreign country, and to live with people they don’t know. I thought this is very impressive. I hope and pray that the doctors can help Imdad, and that we can support both him and his mother, perhaps touch their hearts so they can better get to know who God is; that He is FOR them! Welcome Imdad! Be blessed!