Welcome to Israel!

Today we welcomed our new guest from Kurdistan. His name is Ramyar. He is a seven year old gentlemen. Colin and I picked him and his mum up at the airport of Tel Aviv, and brought them with two other new families to Shevet Achim. He is very lovely, friendly and well-behaved.

We are happy that they had a safe flight and landing in this strange country. At the beginning he was very kind and strong and helped us by bringing the luggage to the vehicle. But when we showed him his new room and new living environment, he laid down at his bed and buried his head in the pillow. Now he was very sad and a little bit scared. He misses his daddy so much. When his mum saw this, she started to cry.

Let’s pray for both of these lovely people, that they will have a good start here in Israel, and that they will return healthy to their loving father after a successful treatment.

Ramyar’s first assessment is scheduled for the first day of march.