Welcome to Israel Abdullah

Abdullah arrived in Israel yesterday along with his mother and a group of Kurdish families, also requiring help for their children.

Abdullah is a seven year old boy from Iraqi Kurdistan. He was diagnosed with a heart condition called Double Outlet Right Ventricle. His organs are also in the reverse condition. He has not received any previous operations, despite being seven years old.

We first met his family at an IDP Camp in Zakho. At the time we met him, he was suffering from a lung infection and his oxygen was in the 40% range. His mother carried him into an office. He seemed so weak. Thankfully after treatment, he improved.

A few days later, we visited him in his tent in the camp. He is related to a man named Khalid, who came to Israel a year ago for heart surgery. We were able to visit Abdullah’s family with Khalid and his family. It was nice to have a small family reunion. He seemed to be doing much better this time, and he has a sense of humor and loves to play.

We hope that he will be able to receive treatment in Israel. Hopefully after this, we can run and play with him.

Please pray for Abdullah and his mother as they start this new journey in Israel.