Welcome to Israel Khanda

Khanda is the first child of her parents, and has travelled to Israel in the care of her loving grandma. In Jordan, Jonathan observed Khanda to be crying a lot, and was extremely blue in her fingers and toes. Therefore today we brought her directly from arriving through the Jordan Border, to Sheba hospital. Khanda was received quickly, and taken to an assessment room where the monitor told us her oxygen levels were bouncing between 45-70%. Khanda’s grandma is a lovely lady, lovely to spend the hours with whle waiting for the assessments. She cares for her granddaughter from her heart, but was not overwhelmed with worry, which meant that she could provide the doctors and nurses with the information¬† they were needing about Khanda’s medical history.

We learned that she had a catheterisation in Kurdistan to create a hole in her heart to help oxygenated blood reach her body. The doctors made their assessments and confirmed the d-TGA diagnosis. They suggested that Khanda will likely need a “rapid two-step” procedure whereby they perform a first operation to help the heart grow a little just a few days before they make the big arterial switch surgery. I left Khanda’s grandmother in the ICU.¬† She has also been introduced to the other Kurdish mothers in the hospital also. Thank God that Khanda was able to arrive and already receive excellent care.