Welcome to Israel little one

Raied, only a few days old, traveled to Sheba hospital from Gaza yesterday night in an ambulance. His young mother is with him, leaving behind Raied’s sister, whom she is missing.

By the time I met Raied and his mother in the Intensive Care Unit, he had already had a catheterisation in order to perform the Rashkind Procedure,  a process of opening a small hole between the atria in his heart.

His diagnosis is dextro-Transposition of the Great Arteries (d-TGA), which means that without intervention his body would be receiving  de-oxygenated blood. Without emergency treatment, he would not be able to survive, and so the procedure today, as well as medicine he received in Gaza, has helped to keep him alive.

He is also undergoing further assessment to make a plan for the next steps for him, potentially a surgery soon. Thank you for adding little Raied to your prayers.