Welcome to Israel Samem

Today I drove to the Jordan river crossing to collect two new families from Kurdistan.

This is Samem. He and his mother were already outside and waiting on the Israeli side of the border, so they just got in the Shevet van and we made our way back to our community house in Jaffa.

Because I don’t speak any Kurdish, I called someone to translate. Samem’s mother thought she was still in Jordan. I said to the translator that he can share the good news with them that they are finally in Israel now and that we are on the way to Tel Aviv.

In the evening we arrived, my co-worker Sabrina and I saw Samem playing in his room at our community home. We agreed that we are both happy and exited to have him here because he is our biggest child now. He‘s walking around by himself unlike all our other babies here and from our quick evaluation of him, he’s also very active.

We look forward to the end of their quarantine to play with him. Please pray for him and his coming assessments at Sheba hospital!