Welcome to Israel Sulaiman

When I heard the news that Sulaiman and his mother are crossing the border from Jordan to Israel today, I was very happy to hear this. For a couple of days now, they’ve been waiting in Jordan on their visas to enter Israel. I was on standby to collect them knowing they could receive permission at any time, but they continued not to.

Especially for Sulaiman, it was quite urgent to come because he’s not in a very good condition. But we want to trust God and his timing, and so we are glad that He now made the way for them.

When I arrived at the Jordan border crossing, Sulaiman and his mother were already on the Israeli side of the border, waiting for me with another family. They simply got in the Shevet van, and we drove to our community house in Jaffa.

They will have to stay in quarantine for the next two weeks, but the assessments in the hospital can already start this comning week. Thank God that they are now with us. Please pray for Sulaiman’s condition and the coming treatment.