Welcome to Jaffa

We welcomed Mohaned and his grandma to our home in Jaffa today!

It was especially sweet as Maryam, one of our Kurdish children, was also discharged today. Both Mohaned’s grandmum and Maryam’s mum have been sharing a room at hospital for some time now, and are very good friends.

Due to all the gifts given in the hospital during Ramadan, this pair brought with them the most bags I have ever seen! It was so funny trying to squeeze everything into our van; we laughed together a lot!

Due to the corona virus, there are some restrictions about families coming in and out of Gaza, except for emergencies. Mohaned will need a follow up echo in 1 week, and so it is better for him to stay with us for this time, which us a great joy for us.

Please pray that they will feel welcome and settled during these days.