Welcome to Jaffa for now

After the lovely Mohammed and his mother were taken by our co-workers Colin and Nate immediately from the airport to Sheba hospital two weeks ago, it is finally Mohammed’s first time out of the hospital in Israel now. I had the opportunity to help in the discharge process for that lovely, charming boy and his mother and it was also my first time everĀ  meeting them.

I already love this little happy child and his mother because both of them are very happy people and Mohammed is smiling a lot. He is a cute boy and if you see him you cannot but love him. I’m happy that they could be discharged from the hospital today and I’m looking forward now to spending more time with them at our community home in Jaffa.

The doctors said they have to schedule Mohammed’s surgery still. Please pray for a nice time now for Mohammed and hisĀ  mother at our community home as they wait for his surgery to be scheduled.