Welcome Yadgar to Israel

Having landed in Amman yesterday, Yadgar and his mum and three other Kurdish mothers and babies, all traveled today with Jonathan to the border crossing with Israel, where co-workers Sebastian, Alena and I picked them up and brought them to our community home in Jaffa.

It was good to meet this sweet lady. Yadgar is not the youngest of the group, but he is definitely the smallest. His mother says he is now over 3kg. He immediately looked quite unwell as his legs and arms are so thin, his breathing so fast, and his face tinged with blue.

Yadgar has been diagnosed in Kurdistan with d-TGA, transposition of the great arteries. He was also helped there with a catheterization which created a hole to help get some oxygenated blood to flow around his body.

It is good that he has arrived, and I hope and pray that he will be able to safely receive the medical care here which he needs.