Welcoming back Omar

Today was my first time at Sheba Hospital and I was very excited for the day.  First, I went with co-worker Moshe to the Erez border crossing border with Gaza and we picked up little Omar and his mother. We waited for an hour until they crossed the border. Both were very calm and Omar fell asleep on our way to the hospital.

We were happy to communicate with him and laugh with him during the day. He was happy to play on the train in the hospital. Moshe showed me around.

We went with Omar to the Echo, the x-ray  and later on we had the admission to their room. Omar refused to cooperate at the beginning, but later he was relaxed while he watched a video.

I got many impressions, but all in all, every staff member in the hospital was very nice and I enjoyed meeting everybody, especially Omar and his Mother.

Please pray that Omar and his mother will feel welcome in the hospital, and please pray for wisdom for the doctors’ next steps for little Omar.