Well looked after in hospital

Dear Shireen was surrounded by about ten medical students when I arrived in her room today. Of course she is a very clinically interesting case to study, as she is living with her heart condition, without an operation, for much longer than any children who might have access to the health care that the children in Israel have. The doctor drew the students’ attention to her clubbed fingers, and her laboured breathing, signs of her low oxygen levels and heart failure. Shireen was, thankfully, very happy to be examined by everyone today. She is receiving oxygen with the nasal cannula, and even with this, her oxygen levels struggled to reach even 75%, sometimes dropping down to around 55%. The nurses came to help relieve the situation, and I felt very grateful for the excellent and diligent care that she can receive here.

Shireen’s mum also seemed to have settled into the hospital gently. She is able to understand and use some Arabic, and this is helpful for her to be more independent, and hopefully more confident in the hospital. Shireen enjoyed a video chat with her family today, which was so lovely to watch, as I know they are missing each other. Shireen is going to stay in the hospital until her oxygen levels have stabilised, and she feels better.