Well taken care

Today I visited the lovely mother of Asmeen at the Alyn Rehabilitation Hospital in Jerusalem. One of our Kurdish mother’s joined me during the visit. When we arrived there we weren’t allowed to go to visit Asmeen because we are not vaccinated, but I called Asmeen’s mom and told her please come to the entrance because we would love to visit her. So she did with the help of a very friendly nurse. When she saw us, she greeted us with a warm hug and happy as she is always when we visited her before. It was very nice to see her even though we couldn’t see little Asmeen. She sent me a video and a picture of her cute daughter.

When I asked her how she is doing and if she likes the new hospital, she said with a smile that she is very good, and that she really likes the new hospital. She feels that they take very good care of both her and Asmeen.

I’m happy that one of the Kurdish mother’s could join me for the visit and talk for a while with Asmeen’s mother. I hope this encouraged her since she had been such an encouragement for so many other families she had met at Sheba hospital in her time there. We really miss them at Sheba because it was much easier to visit her there since hospital staff and personnel know us, but still it is a blessing that she can be in this hospital now for Asmeen’s sake.