What a brave mother Omar has

When Omar’s mother woke up this morning, she discovered that a big part of her precious little sons clothes were blood-soaked. I thank God for His peace, because I remained calm when I helped her to remove his clothes, not knowing what to expect. This was very traumatic for the poor mother, and all her body was shaking. Gently we turned him around, but we couldn’t find the source, not even when she cleaned his body with water. I felt that I should take pictures of his bloody clothes, and I’m glad I did. It would have been hard to explain the reality in words for the doctors.

At Sheba hospital, I felt so sorry for both the little baby and for his mother because it was very hard to find Omar’s small veins for the bloodtests. They made several tests on him in the hospital, and after hours of check-ups and waiting, they decided to hospitalize him for more tests. That was a huge relief for Omar’s mother and for me. I really hope they find the source, because no one should need to experience what this wonderful mother did today. I admire her strength, while going through such a rough day like this.

Please, lift up this beautiful little baby Omar and his family in prayer, and also all the medical staff in Sheba. They do a marvelous work with their small patients.