What started as routine

What started as a routine check-up, ended with Yousif being admitted to the ICU at Sheba hospital. He came in the evening for an ultrasound, and to the cardiac clinic for an echo where the cardiologist watched his oxygen drop to the sixties as he was crying. After that, he went to the ER for further observation and the team there decided to admit him to the ICU. One of the doctors on the floor reassured his mum that he is in a much better condition now than he was in the echo.

When we entered the ICU, pretty much all the other Kurdish parents rushed over to see Yousif’s mother, I think that was a bit of a relief for her as the whole evening was acutely stressful for her. We pray he remains stable over the weekend and they can wait until Sunday to perform his surgery, which was the original plan before he was hospitalized tonight.