What? Where? When?

This little guy here caused us a lot of confusion. We went to visit Abdulsalam to wait with his grandma during a procedure. Without knowing who his grandma was, we entered the room. And we were equally happy and surprised to find a lot of the other moms waiting with Abdulsalam’s grandma in the waiting room. While we were there we talked to another mother who was waiting for her child to come out of surgery. I was overwhelmed how all the women in the room shared their burden with each other. They sat together and helped each other through this hard time. 

But the confusion was just around the corner. As we came back from visiting another child on the same floor we found Abdulsalam already in his room. We were told that he had a cath and not a surgery, after a few visits we asked a nurse why they did the cath in order to update everyone. Now we were told that they never did a cath. So the confusion increased and the day turned into running from room to nurse and from nurse to another room. In the end we Finally found a nurse that was able to tell us what actually happened. Abdulsalam was supposed to have a cath a few days ago. Today he was supposed to have a procedure which was canceled because he was doing extremely well and wasn’t an urgent case. Even though we had to talk to many different staff members it was actually a blessing. The staff was incredibly kind and eager to help us. 

Please pray for Abdulsalam‘s fast recovery and for his lovely grandma. 

But we have also reasons to thank God especially for the amazing staff that helped us to find the right answer.