What’s Sohaib up to?

Sohaib is waiting for the next echo follow up appointment at Sheba Medical. Meantime we are having some fun in the house.

We’ve been decreasing Sohaib’s medication according to the doctor’s instructions. His response to the treatment will be checked by the doctors in his next visit to Sheba.

Yesterday we went to a Israeli shuk, to buy some clothes and food with the Kurdish families. They were happy to see this “bazaar” near to the beach. Sohaib’s Mom put a Kippa on his head, and said now he looks Jewish and charming.

For Sohaib, it’s been a while since he was enjoying the beach, as you can see it was an adventure. There was a black flag, indicating the waves were strong. They were strong enough to make us fall on the sand, and at the end of it, all of us were wet and laughing so much. It’s a real pleasure see God’s hands healing Sohaib, it’s a miracle.

Sohaib was walking by himself, enjoying the sea and communicating his needs or desires. Please keep praying for his improvement, so he could go home with his family soon.