Where is My New House?

Today we had the pleasure of picking up two beautiful and sweet families from Kurdistan. One of them was our smart and handsome Taman with his lovely mother. Thanks to the Lord, they could get through very quickly from the airport. I think this has been the quickest wait that I have had. When they got out they looked everywhere to see if someone was waiting for them. Immediately when I saw them I ran and I spoke a few words in Kurdish. They were very happy and we gave each other a big hug. I checked Taman, and thanks to the Lord, his vital signs were normal.

On our way home he constantly asked his mom many questions. Our translator told me that one of these questions was, “where is my new home?” He is really sweet. When we arrived home, the other families had food for them and also they could enjoy a beautiful party for Marya’s birthday. Taman was very happy that he had a balloon. I really hope that Taman can feel like this place is home.

Taman is going to have his first assessment in three days. Please pray for him and for his mom for a beautiful time with us and strength at this time far away from home.