Who would have thought?

Zakaria returned to Gaza this week after an appointment to check his p.e.g tube. The gastro doctor could see from a graph, that Zakaria’s weight is progressing nicely. He will still need the tube to receive the medications he is on.

Over the weekend, his mum and I went out to stroll around Jaffa. At one point, I remember saying to her, who would have thought last summer, when Zakaria was on the ECMO, that we’d be here on this summer night walking at Jaffa Port with Zakaria?

Every moment we share, is a treasure. Nursing a child back to health after being as sick as Zakaria was, continues long after they leave the hospital, and Zakaria’s mother has done an incredible job raising him.

We celebrated his first birthday over the weekend also, and it was one of those moments where you stand back sort of in awe that this is happening. Please continue to pray for this wonderful boy. He will return to Israel in one month for another echo, and follow-up exams for his p.e.g. tube.