Why should you wait alone when you don’t need to

And again Rovar needed to spend a very long day in the hospital because he had an appointment for a blood test. For the last few days he also needed to stay in hospital very long and I thought about how I could be helpful should he need to do this again. So I prayed to God about it and as He always does, He took care of it.

As we started our day to the hospital the car was full of people. Lawi also should have had an appointment, so we weren’t alone. While Rovar very bravely had his blood test, Lawi’s appointment got canceled. Yes, you could be upset about it, but Rovar wasn’t at all because it meant he could spend the whole day waiting together with Lawi until his results came in. Together we had a lot of fun. Sometimes you have to see the situation through different eyes:

So, they and coworker Julio, tinkered with their own new eyes. But that wasn’t enough.  Running through the hallways and greeting everyone in bits of Hebrew, saying “Shalom” (peace) and “Ma-nischma?”(how are you) brought so much joy to all of us.

The results came back saying that his hemoglobin dropped today and he needs a blood transfusion and needs to stay for a little while longer. I picked them up later in the evening and saw exhaustion in Rovar’s mum’s face. Even though Rovar has fun at the hospital, these long days are very tiring.

On Thursday he will have another appointment. Please pray that his blood test will be better and he will improve. Also pray for new strength for his mother.  After all I‘m very thankful for God’s leading today. Something bad for Lawi turned into something really nice and supportive for Rovar and his mum. Praise be to our glorious God who always takes care of us.