Wild child

As soon as I saw San this morning at Sheba Hospital, and was preparing to receive him upon his discharge, and despite the fact that his Cath was just yesterday,  little San was already going wild and running through the hallways of Sheba. At first I couldn’t believe that his Cath was just yesterday! His mother was doing her best to keep him at one place because the doctors told her San shouldn’t be too wild right after his Cath, so she took him to a little children’s cinema area. That kept him silent and calm for at least a bit of time.

When I talked to San’s doctor, he was very kind and caring. He told me that after San’s diagnostical Cath, they still have to consider with this information what the best treatment for him is, so there’s still no concrete future plan for our little San.

When we arrived at home, San and his mother were so tired. She told me she has just slept two hours the last night, so she is really happy to come back to Ashdod.

Let’s pray for her, that she can get some much-needed rest, for the doctors to make the best treatment plan for San and for San himself to not loose his liveliness and energy. Praise the Lord for all the hospital staff that was working very hard for him!