Winning over all our hearts

Curious brown eyes and an incredible smile directed at you – this is what you will see when you meet our beloved Samir. Since Samir arrived at Shevet he won over all of our hearts. How couldn’t you fall in love with this special boy?

Samir is a very open child that loves to color, take pictures and play with the other children. His beautiful smile will be seen with everything he does and his laugh is contagious. Even though he has to wait for his surgery, he is not getting bored. On the contrary, Samir is constantly looking for new things to do. One of his new favorite things is to come to the fence which separates the two balconies and to watch our dinners “in secret.”

Seeing his face pressed against the fence, you can’t help but smile widely. This little boy has been a ray of sunshine in all of our lives and a great addition to our family.

For all of us, it’s obvious where Samir got his amazing character traits – his mother. Samir’s mum has been simply amazing. Even though Samir has to wait a long time for his surgery, his mum stays strong and joyful. Samir was scheduled for surgery a few days ago, but there was a baby from Gaza who needed surgery more urgently. His Mum received the news very beautifully and with dignity. Samir’s mother isn’t only a patient but also a loving woman. 

Julio who had to inform her about the rescheduling said: “I am so blessed by the heart of Samir’s mother towards the waiting. From the first moment she arrived, missing her bags for five days, she never complained about it. A few days ago when I had to break the news to
her about the surgery being delayed again, she said: “Xera tedaya,” which means, “it brings blessings.”. That thankful heart is reflected in Samir’s happy heart all the time.

Our little Samir has been learning to swim in the sea which he does with his joyful and brave heart. By his side, his incredible mother, who is very afraid of the sea herself but does not hesitate to accompany her son. She overcomes her own fears and her own sorrows in order to be there for Samir. Her love for Samir is sacrificial in every way.

Her overflowing love isn’t focused on Samir alone. This power woman cares for the other children as well. In showering Israa and braiding her hair, talking and caring for Dleza and her brother, cleaning the kitchen as if it was her own – to list only a few things – she is a great blessing to every family member.

I can’t put into words how thankful I am to have met Samir and his mum. God blessed these two with amazing gifts and overflowing love. Please keep Samir in your prayers, so he will get his surgery very soon.