Wonderful news for Aya

Aya has been full of life since coming home from her surgery, the only difficulty for her is the itchiness of her surgical site as it heals. Otherwise, she has been running around on the beach as often as she can, and spending time with all of us.

The echo was a bit more uncomfortable for Aya than previous times. The doctor found that the surgery result was excellent. He estimated that she may need another intervention in the future, but it was not possible to tell the mother when exactly this could be, depending on how she grows. It could be as long as 15 years, and even then, he suggested it would be possible to carry out the intervention via Catheterization rather than an open heart procedure.

Overall, he was so happy with the result that he felt confident to discharge her home to Kurdistan. Aya is ready to have a party as soon as possible to celebrate!

Thank God for this good news. And thank you all for your prayer support for this special young lady.