Worry about the upcoming surgery

The news of Lawik’s passing away this morning also were hard on Hazhin’s father. Together with Lawik’s mother, he has faithfully spent the last few weeks in the hospital. As the fight for Lawik came to an end and the Lord brought him home to his kingdom, Hazhin’s father continues fighting for his daughter. The strength of the parents deserves great respect.

Especially against the background of her upcoming surgery, Hazhin’s father is worried. Today a doctor informed us that this surgery is expected to take place on Wednesday or Thursday. The prerequisite for this is that the kidneys are functioning well and the water in the body decreases.

Today’s events are a cause of sadness and concern for many parents, especially Hazhin’s father. May the Lord show all parents that He takes care for their children. He has a plan that we can trust. May God protect Hazhin in the coming days and during her surgery.