Worsening post sepsis

When I met Hazhin’s father today in a hallway of Sheba Hospital, he already told me that Hazhin isn’t doing so well. Later, her doctor then explained to me that Hazhin has a sepsis and isn’t in a good condition right now because of that. The doctors would like to extubate her at some point, but for that she first has to get better. Her heart is very weak right now.

When I visited her, I held her hand for a few minutes and just watched her quietly while thinking how precious she is. Her tiny little hand hanging around my finger was so heartwarming but at the same time heartbreaking. As her father was bending down to comfort her, I realized he is really worried about his daughter. Usually he smiles every time he sees us and is in a bright mood, but not today.

Please pray for her and for her recovery to gradually change to good. She has a long way to go and still needs another surgery. But for now it’s more important that she recovers from the sepsis.