Worth the wait

Ahmed had to come to Sheba hospital today for another post-surgical echo to check his heart condition. As we were driving to the hospital, we were hoping with Ahmed’s mother that this could be his last echo.

When we arrived, Ahmed had his echo quickly and didn’t need to wait, but afterwards he had to wait for a long time for the doctor, due to my mistake (I forgot to give the paper of his ECG to the doctor, so he didn’t know that he had to see Ahmed). But as friendly as the doctors in the hospital always are, the doctor was willing to see us even though we were the last ones.

Thank God that the long waiting was worth it, because the doctor discharged Ahmed happily to Kurdistan. His lovely mother showed a lot of patience during the hours of waiting without complaining at all, and was very happy to hear the news and said “Thank you very much” in English to the doctor. Even though we are happy to spend the time with Ahmed and his mother at our community home in Jaffa, we want them to be reunited with their family as soon as possible so we are very grateful to God for this news.

Ahmed needs to have follow-up when he is back in Kurdistan, but for now there is no other treatment needed for Ahmed in Israel. Please pray for lovely next days and for smooth travel when they go.